Sunday, September 12, 2010


    OK, I'm back!

For those who don’t know, two months ago I had a bicycle accident (bike vs. car) the result: a pretty bad injury, so I couldn’t ride my KTM. Even if my knee is not 100% healed I couldn’t resist and today I went for a ride.

Destinations: The Iezer lake, Retitis Peak, Pietrele Doamnei and last but not least Tihuta Pass.

This time I rode along with my cousin Robi and his Dominator.

In the morning at 6:15, I looked up to the sky to see if there are some threatening clouds, but it was only o single cloud with this sunrise effect :


Cold morning Mures Valley:

Robi and his Dominator:

New asphalt:

On our way to the Calmani National Park:


Dominator wash :P

Heading to the Iezer Lake:

Some Rally Raid(I forgot that I have problems with my leg):

Nice places:

Arrived to the lake:

Robi happy and proud biker:
The road:

Sulfur mine:
Biker lunch - baked beans, bread and of course served on a map  :))

The next  pics were shot with my phone (sorry about the quality)

Pietrele Doamnei:
Tihuta pass:
Dracula Hotel:

Responses to "Calimani and Rarau-Giumalau"

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