Sunday, March 27, 2011


A few years ago I promised Szidi that I will take her to the city of Sibiu, but every time we wanted to go, there was some last minute changes and we never made it.....until today.

So,we start the 2011 motorcycle year with a trip to Sibiu.

Sibiu is one of the most important cultural centers of Romania, and was designated a European Capital of Culture for the year 2007. Formerly the center of the Transylvanian Saxons,  the old city of Sibiu was ranked as "Europe's 8th most idyllic place to live".

In the world of bikers it's famous because of the RED BULL ROMANIACS. If you are wondering what is that, I can tell you that the RED BULL ROMANIACS is one of the toughest extreme motorcycle events on Planet Earth.

Now we don't ride to see the Romaniacs, we are interested in the ancient medieval part of Sibiu, in the heart of Transylvania.

We fuel up, check the air pressure and hit the road.

 Testing my new GoPro Hero HD 1080p helmet cam

 Entering Medias



Panorama : The Small Square


The road under the Liars bridge

Szidi getting some information

 You can always find Szidi at the souvenir shops

The Small Square and the Council Tower

 Liars bridge

Spotting the Large Square of Sibiu

 Catholic church

 Frank in the Small Square

 Liars bridge


 Liars bridge

Old courtyard

Evanghelical church

Szidi breaking in the wine cellar

Funny Gargoyle


The evanghelical church


Creepy Gargoyle

The Town Hall


Inside of the tower

View from the Council Tower

 Top of the Council Tower

Transylvania -scenery

 Spring carriage

It's getting late

See you soon......

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