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This is a 3 day trip in Transylvania.We have a mini Easter holiday and how should we spend it, if not touring.

We want to explore some castles from the Middle Ages.

Destinations : Bran Castle maybe it's more familiar to you if I say the Draculas Castle, Saschiz, Rasnov, Fagaras Castle and the fortress of Hunedoara.

The route : Targu Mures - Saschiz - Brasov - Rasnov - Bran - Fagaras - Transalpina - Brezoi - Lake Vidra - Petrosani - Hunedoara - Alba Iulia - Targu Mures (approximately 800-900 km)

Day I

The first objective, the fortified church Saschiz:

Pit stop before entering Brasov

Dracula's Castle - The Legend Dracula's Castle - The Legend

"In 1897 Bram Stoker wrote a terrifying story about Count Dracula. A century after, there are still people who believe in it. Even researchers are trying to find out the truth about Dracula. All are trying to clear the mystery: was there or wasn't there a vampire in Transylvania?

How many of these fabulous stories are legends and how many say the truth ? Here is the legend about Dracula.

Stoker's story is based on the life of Vlad Tepes/Vlad the Impaler (1431-1476), a ruler revered by Romanians for standing up to the Ottoman Empire. Known as one of the most dreadful enemies of the Turks, Vlad started organizing the state and enforcing the law by applying death penalty and impaling all those he considered enemies: robbers, cunning priests, treacherous noblemen, beggars, usurper Saxons. In fact he fought against everybody who tried to replace him either by his step brother Vlad the Monk or by his cousin Dan the Young. The historians nicknamed him Vlad Tepes while people say he was Count Dracula because he used to sign with his father's name, Dracul "The Devil". Dracula is derived from the Romanian word for devil or dragon.

This word alone carries with it magic and mystery.

His castle is supposed to be Bran's Castle since its narrow corridors constitute a mysterious labyrinth of ghostly nooks and secret chambers easy to hide a "vampire".

The Dracula's Castle was built on the edge of the Bran Pass and nowadays lures guests worldwide who wish to partake in the legend of the Count Dracula."

Bran Castle  - Dracula's Castle

Climbing to the castle

The interior

View from a balcony

The Legend

Next destination Fagaras


Carpathian mountains

We find a good place for wild camping

 It's cold in the night so we warm up at the fire

end of the first day...

Day II

We continue our journey through the mountains

 KTM love

We start to climb in the upper parts of the mountains

 Vidra lake


 Managed to reach this point, where we felt down and we can't go further because of the big snow

 Szidi enjoying the snow


We spend the night in an orchard

We bribe a dog with some food to watchour back at night

Enjoying the sunset

  I wake up in the middle of the night because of wolves, which attacked the sheepfold , about 1km from us ...  

In the morning I speak with the shepherd, the wolves have not managed to rob anything
 Szidi is happy

The fortress of Hunedoara
I am in late :)) 


 The yard
 The Dieta and the knight's hall

 Hunyadi János

THE END..... see yaaa!

...and a short video:


part II

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