Monday, June 20, 2011

KTM's 2011 meeting, here it is again as if it were only a few months after the making of the 2010,

This year, it is organized in the Western Carpathians it's a very good idea in my opinion, because I know there are a lot of unexplored places by me, it's a great chance to take a look.

This time Szidi is with me too, she just finished wit the exams (fortunately, because I was bored already).

I raced home from my job , a small chain adjustment, quickly packed a few stuff on the bike and we take advantage of the approximately 50 km highway, it helps me because there is a big traffic on the E60 road.

After preparing our sleeping place (the tent) we meet our old and new KTM friends and drink a couple of beers , nice to see each other again.

Let the party begin

 Piti Biker Junior


In the morning we make two teams, one is formed of the enduro touring, and the other half is formed by the guys of the hard enduro enthusiasts.

The local guys takes us through wonderful places, the Ilva Valley region.


Late in the afternoon it's time for the games

We have a great time

Only the girls

I got a diploma too :P

The highlight of the evening, about a 6 meter high fire, which is equal in strength to force everyone to get back a couple of rows.

Relaxing Sunday

  Even the dog is tired

Unfortunately .....everything has an end.

New pics and video soon.....

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