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This tour starts very spontaneous, so there was nothing pre-planned, just wandering from one place to another.

On the map the Transfagarasan caught my eyes, so this is the first target.

The Transfagarasan road is situated in  central part of the Fagaras Mountains, the 90 km long road passes trough and leads up to a height of 2,042 m and then passed through a tunnel under the main ridge, It has total of 578 bridges and viaducts and five tunnels.

Jeremy Clarkson - Top Gear - about the Transfagarasan: “It is the most amazing road I've ever seen! This is the best road in the world. Thank you Romania for having this and can we stay here forever?”

Mike Carter – The Guardian - place Transfagarasan in top 10 best motorcycle roads in Europe “A highway to heaven For the 35km highway that charges and snakes over Romania's Fagaras mountains is,
 quite simply, one of the greatest buttock-clenching, white-knuckle biking roads in the world.”

We throw some stuff in the bags early in the morning and after a few km-s, we start our ride in the Carpathians.
The area has a picturesque view, but we rather let the pictures  to speak.

The waterfall

We meet a lot of bikers

Balea lake

The two of us at the lake

We collect some additional energy from a good lunch and rest for a while. After this I am browsing my old trusted map, searching for a new destination, few miutes later we are on the twisty road again to the Sfanta Ana lake.
Late afternoon we land there, I ask the guy from the camping site where is more secure to camp, but he says that it's all the same because every night they have unwanted visitors, the brown bears.
Ok, so we have this information, I see three motrbikes in the campsiteand, that makes it easy to decide where to camp.
We quickly set up the tent and unload the bike, meanwhile one of the bikers teaches the basics of bikeing to a girlfriend. We pal up with the bikers,  they came from Zalaegerszeg(Hungary) and they are touring in Transylvania. Drink a couple of good Harghita beers and socialize late in the night, after this everyone retreats to his own little resting place.

 There's no problem wit the confort, but rather the presence of the brown bears, they wont let me sleep, I try to bundle off them but with no result. The bears are searching for leftovers till 5 A.M. then finnaly they get bored with terrorizing and disappear among the trees.
Adrián, Miki and Attila(from  left to right)

Early in the morning

In the morning the guys from Hungary are happy because one of the bears left his "fingerprints" on some plastic bottle.We check the iron horses for anything custom "monster" tatoo, huh the bikes are ok.

After the morning coffee they pack up and we agreed too meet again the next day in Borzont at a Bikers Weekend Party.

We spend the morning swiming at St. Anne's Lake, but we are bored soon,we pack up the KTM and our direction is Harghita Madaras.

The Sfanta Ana lake from the bushes 

In this afternoon we settle down near the Zetea lake. We have a pleasant moon lighted evening walk, it is a good time to take some photos.

The lake 

Szidi si resting her body 

We are near a stream

We collect some fresh water

Early morning wake up and we are on the road to Balan, there we leave the bike in a garage, change our clothes and started to hike to the Hasmasu Mare mountains
The main atraction is the proudly emerging towers Piatra Singuratica. The tourist route it's like a recreation area to us.

The track takes us in some wild places

Near the shelter house we find a more relaxed place where we have our lunch.

... and having a good time.....

On the way back the silence is broken by a ringing cell phone, Adrian tells us that they arrived to the bikers meet.

A few hours later, we have this green bracelet with the Blues Riders Weekend logo on it.   Here we meet some old friends and a few new guys from Borsec, you can imagine that it's not boring.

The guys from Hungary leave in the morning, and the guys from Borsec convince us to stay,ok we stay and we have a good time again.

 A group photo(Adrián, Nati,Attila,Szabi,Szidi és Miki - left to right)

.....soon another group photo with the guys from Borsec............

In the evening a storm tries to ruin the night, but as you can see in the pictures the party didn.t stop.


In the morning we change some contact info with the guys, then head back home through the Bucin Pass.

...and a short video:

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