Wednesday, September 26, 2012

One day trip to Alba Iulia, the Red Ravine(only from distance because there is a highway construction) and  Rimetea where we saw the Seklers Rock.

First stop near a lake - we eat our breakfast:

Arriving to the castle :

Szidi gets some info as usual:

The Roman Catholic Cathedral (built in the 10th and 11th century - it was completed in 1009 )

The tomb of Hunyadi János is located here, as is that of Isabella, Queen of Hungary.

Security :

The Roman Catholic Cathedral - seen from a balcony

The tomb of Hunyadi János - Inside the The Roman Catholic Cathedral

Nice :

The entrance of The Roman Catholic Cathedral

Have a nice day !

One of the entrances :

A fight is going on (yes it's always because of a girl) :

Nice place to walk:

The Romanian Orthodox Cathedral :

On the road again :

The Red Ravine - seen from a distance because there is a highway under construction and we had no time for a long detour

In the Western Carpathians :

Szidi & Frank or Frank & Szidy?

The Seklers Rock

...and this is the goodbye picture :P

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