Friday, July 23, 2010


I saw this invitation on a local forum:

"Dear motorcyclists of Mures county, small or big bikes, Friday, July 16  at 16.00 PM you are invited to a meeting,"to work" with employees of the MAI, Mures Road Police Department. No, they will not suspend your licenses, you will not be fined you for speeding, but we will have a friendly discussion.They will present the accidents situation of the year 2010, in which motorbikers/mopeds were involved and together we will try to find solutions for fewer accident / misdemeanors / adverse events.
I want to appeal to your sense of civic and good faith, and be present at the meet.Maybe we will help save lives on this occasion.On the other hand, we will share flyers, who have done this in the last years knows what is all about, flyers with "Attention to the motorcyclists."

.... I participated last year, so I took my camera, my bike and I said that will be there this year too.


















Responses to "Meeting the POLICE"

  1. cria says:

    nice pictures :)
    and yes, it works, ...I think.

  2. Thanx Cria, I'm glad you like my pictures :P ...

    Ride Safe!

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