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The Transalpina or DN67C located in the Parâng Mountains group, in the Southern Carpathians, is the highest motorable road in Romania, is one of the most spectacular roads of the Carpathian Mountains.

The road has its highest point at Urdele Pass, where the elevation is 2,145m above sea level.Works began in 2007 in order to transform this spectacular road into a modern highway (148 km), so I decided to travel there before there is no asphalt.

I started my trip on tarmac and after Sibiu I ride off road, I reached a place where the road was close, they didn't let me go trough and a made a detour in some very difficult areas for me, alone with the KTM fully loaded.

Nice view on the road near Sibiu:

A panorama in that area:

On some roads that didn't appear on the map:

Never trust a peasant when asking about the local roads, this supposed to be a very good way in their opinion....

...only after a few turns the road simply disappears:

They also told me that I must reach a it was, and with no tracks I got lost:

After a while I meet some guys in the woods, they were looking for some mushrooms and they guided me to the right direction.

On this "road" I had some problems with my top case.

Problem solved simply but efficient:

I did about 50 km in 5-6 hours, finally I spotted a village and the torture seemed to stop.

....continued to the Sebes valley:

2 panoramas:

I stopped to rest and eat something in the beautiful area of Obarsia Lotrului, I was so tired that I could hardly take any pavement curves:

With my stomach full, I continued my escape on the Transalpina:

On the curved road I met some riders from Hungary and I had the opportunity to see for the first time live the 1200 Super Tenere, unfortunately I forgot to make a picture, they don't.

Later I got in contact with them and they sent me some pictures(Bike-R's blog):

Iezerul Muntinului & Caldarea Latoritei

A small waterfall:

Urdele Pass (elevation 2,145m above sea level)

Ranca seen from the top:

A few panoramas:

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  1. Schumy: says:

    Frumoasa tura ta :)

  2. Schumy: says:

    A da...o chestie specifica motociclistilor: in 90% din poze ne apare motocicleta :))

  3. Mersi!

    ....da asa e, ai dreptate in legatura cu pozele cu motoru, ce sa faci daca ai doua hobby-uri ce se potrivesc de minune

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