Tuesday, June 15, 2010


After riding trough the Transalpina , I arrived to Brezoi where the Romanian KTM owners meet.

I went alone so I knew some guys only from the KTM forum, but that wasn’t a problem because I made a lot of friends, everybody was kind and sociable.

In the evening there was a fire, we had a good time telling stories, while drinking something.

Next day we went on a track in the mountains which leads to the Transalpina, it was a great ride in some spectacular places.

Back to the the camp.

The guys who made this great meet(free for all):

We got some dogs too:

Next generation:

In the evening there was some contest : slow riding, spiking etc.

I managed to win some slow riding contest, when my bike had a clutch failure so I must retreat. I checked out with the help of some guys and I realized that my custom made aluminium part in the clutch receiver it was not a good idea.

Thanx Spionutz

We watched some trips on a projector:

On that evening we fixed the problem , but on the next morning when I leaved the camp the problem reappeared, the cemented glue didn’t resist, so I ride home with no clutch, it was a real experience.

I say thanks for the guys who made this meet possible, the sponsors, the guys who helped me and for all the guys I met there for having a great time together.

I hope we meet next year!

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