Friday, December 18, 2009


I woke up on a Saturday morning I saw the sun was shining so I sad to myself: it's a good day for riding,I got the map and I'm on my way to lake Colibita and its surroundings(never been there before).
The road to the lake

The route: Targu Mures - Reghin - Bistrita - Prundu Bargaului - and there I left behind the main road and ride up to Colibita lake.Arrived at the lake, I took some pictures, it was very hot and decided to go for a ride on a forest road around the lake.

On the barrage,from there you can see the island

I was riding about 10 min and started to rain but stopped very quick,I sad if it stoped will continue...

Forrest road

Landscapes and the road(you can imagine how it looks after a storm)

5* hotel in the middle of nowhere

Remains of an animal:

Great wiew and I found some horses too

I was riding a couple of hours when.... silence and then.. thunder,a big hailstorm caught me in the middle of a big forest,I sad I can not get out alone.In the forest it was so dark that I went with my halogen beam....and for that earlier I saw some remains of an animal(probably the bear was playing around),slowly I started the heavy work because the rain the road was impracticable only deep mud and I was alone with a 200 kg motorbike.I don't know how many times I felt,this wouldn't be a problem if I don't got stock in the mud, so I went in the forest and got some branches, I had to dig by hand, put the branches under the wheel and that way I could got out,I did this a few times finally I tied the branches on the bike so I no longer had to search in the woods.
Alone in the dark, here begun to rain(photo taken with flash)

After the storm, here i was back on the road

Lesson: I will never go alone on such a road.

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