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2009.07.03 - 2009.07.06

This is a 3 day adventure in the Carpathian mountains ...more exactly in Calimani, Hasmas and Gurghiului mountains.

the ride starts with a conversation on a local forum and the next day I’m on my way on a heavy rain to Reghin,at 6.30 PM we meet at a gas station in Reghin a smaller city near Targu Mures.

This is the route we followed:

Ok, everybody was there, we were ready to go , made a pits top in Toplita to bought some wine and here we left the main road and started riding on a forest road, meanwhile I observed that I lost my tent, fortunately the guys had a place for me too. We camped along a stream and made a big fire fried some sausages and of course we didn’t forget about the wine.

The camping place & the fire

Day 2

Woke up at 7 am because of some guys in a huge truck, they saw our bikes and started to scream.

Cold morning:

We packed up and continued our ride to Retitis peak 2021 m above sea level, in cCalimani Natural Reservation.

We got some fresh water:

We came along that road in the backround:

As we reached the top it was a breathtaking view, on one side was a huge sulfur extraction area otherwise a natural disaster, on the other side some clouds tickling the mountain.

At ~2000 m

Here we ate our breakfast and started to go round the extractive area near Negoiu Unguresc mountain, and Pietrosu peak.

Negoiu Unguresc:

Me with Frank(the bike) and Ilva valley in the background:

Negoiu Unguresc and Pietrosu Peak (in the clouds):

Group photo in the extraction area:

When we reached the gate on the otherside of the reservation, there were 2 guardians, but they had nothing to comment maybe because we were 4, anyway our road went through Gura Haitii, Bilbor, we reached Toplita where we ate a good and cheap lunch in a restaurant. Meanwhile started to rain and accompanied us trough Capu Corbului, Tulghes, Hagota and Ditrau.


From Ditrau we continued our adventure to mt. Kovács Péter.

How to make good Photos:)

The guys taking a rest:

Ooooops! Private property,keep out !

Me and mt.Hasmasu Mare in the bacground:

Balan lake:

We went to Balan and then camped again near a stream , somewhere near Voslobeni.

On the last day I woke up in the company of a butterfly:

Packed up,than visited the Sugau cave:

After visiting the cave we ride to Gheorgheni,then Ditrau again and climbed to Remetea then Lapusna, Reghin and Targu Mures.

Gone after sweets:

Team work:

The participants:

It was a nice weekend.....more to come.

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