Thursday, December 17, 2009


 Good guys go to heaven, KTM goes everywhere

I don't know what to say about this bike, It's a true monster, they say that this bike can take you to the end of the World.

The girlfriend is pleased because of no luggage restriction and it's confortable for 2 persons too. There is no problem when the road ends, its weight and suspension allows some real enduro riding and with 98 HP you can scare a sportsbike on those twisty roads.For me at this time it's the perfect motorbike.

A dream came true : 2009.03.18 the monster is mine :)
Evolution :

First picture of FRANK------------------------------------------> Hepco & Becker crash bar
SW-Motech pannier system--------------------------------------------------------->DAKAR Logo
    SW-Motech 2x45l panniers

In these days


KTM neoprene fork protectors, fog lights, 12V socket, Hepco & Becker crash bar, SW-Motech 2x45l Quick-lock pannier system, SW-Motech 2x45l panniers, 42l Nonfango topcase, 32l Moto Detail tankbag(3 parts), orange Dakar logo sticker, custom made silencers, stickers with the country flags:P.



My ex motorbike

It was a good 'old' bike, very faithful and adequate for a beginner, one broken mileage cable and nothing else had to be replaced, besides oil and filter changes.
After I become more experienced and made a few trips I realized that I need a touring bike which is more convenient for longer distances, an Adventure bike that feels good, even when I go off road, so after a year I sold the Dragstar and bought the KTM.

This was a very reliable bike he made his full depth on any journey. Now it's in the hands of another owner.


I've just got my first motorbike, it's a Yamaha Dragstar 650 XVS.


FEHLING Sissy-Bar with WING logo, Hepco & Becker Saddlebag support, IRON HORSE synthetic leather saddlebags.

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