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The route: Tg.Mures-Budapesta-Balaton-Zagreb-KRK Island(Silo-Baska-Malinska-KRK Town-Biseriujka)-Crickvenita-Senj-Plitvice Jezera-Karlovacko-Balaton-Felix-Tg.Mures

Total km: 2400-2500

Participants: 3 Bikes: Me&Szidy, Zsak&Mendy, Levy and in a car Berci&Zsofi, Pali&Iza

The plan is to visit KRK island and the Plitvice Jezera National Park, a dream place, its a karstic system formed by 16 lakes joined together by dozens of spectacular waterfalls, as I know here was filmed the first Winnetou movie written by Karl May : Der Schatz im Silbersee 1962 ( The treasure of the silver lake).

Me and Szidy on the Dragstar

Zsák and Mendy on the Virago

Levi on the GSX-F

Berci, Zsofi, Pali and Iza in the Passat

On the first day we reached Budapest the capital of Hungary, the traffic was ok, made a few stops, passsed the customs quickly with no problem, everything was fine.

Rest in Hungary

Arrived in Budapest, we split up because everybody knew some people there, or had some affinity and this way we saved some money.

After spending the night in Budapest, we continued our route on the M7 highway along the Balaton lake.

On the highway we got surprised when Zsák ran out of fuel, so he had to push the bike on the emergency band until he reached the parking space.

Zsák on the highway :))

Meanwhile we spoke with some truck drivers, they explained us where was the nearest gas station, we played the dustman role and found some pets. :) After the fuel issue was solved, we continued our trip to Croatia.

A stop in Hungary
Mendy eating some chocolate

Before entering Croatia, we made some money exchage,(their national currency is Kuna), and we were ready to see Croatia.

At the money excange

At the border the officers were very nice, they asked us where we are going and why, and that was all, they wished us a nice holiday and we were in Croatia.

Here just got warmer and warmer, we made a lots of km on this day, the girls got tired and made a lots of resting.

It was hot...
Croatian motorway

Tunel ride
Zsáks camera mounting systemCroatian curves
Almost there

On that afternoon we arrived in Silo, a small quiet resort on KRK island. The accomodation was just perfect we got 2 huge apartments,every apartment had 2 bedrooms, a big living room, 2 bathrooms, TV, and a balcony with a beautiful view to the the sea.

Our plan on the island: visit the other resorts, having a good time on the beaches and party.

We occupied our apartments and got out for a walk...

The neighbors food it's always delicious

First contact with the sea

Had a couples of beers

Zsák was possessed by some evil spirits
We found a nice beach


We had some good music too
Rocky beach

The rides

Biserujka cave
The road to Baska
Aquarium in BaskaBaska beach

Water taxi
On the way back to the island a storm caught us on the sea...

Levi can't swim :))
There were some huge wavesMalinska- Dubasnica

On the glass boat

In the glass boatThe diver
The beach
Preparing for a night on the beach

An early morning walk to the lighthouse


At the lighthouse
The rain ended up this walk

KRK town

Want a photo with the donkey?

The car passengers had to leave one day earlier because of their jobs, we stayed one extra day.

Got to the bay we saw on that early morning walk
Private bath :)

The last picture on the island

We left the island and our objective was to reach the Plitvice National Park. The road to the lakes was absolutely fantastic, the first part of the road guided us along the beach and after that into the mountains.

Near the lakes there are a few safe parking lots, we left our bikes there and because of the heat we left our equipmenton and near the bikes, I forgot in my jacket pocket my mobilephone too.

At first glance we couldn't believe our eyes, the lakes were blue, a blue color like in the commercials, furthermore they were surrounded by amazing waterfalls, I never saw something like that before, I couldn't imagine that exists a place like this. The surface of the lakes are full of deadbeat fish and spoted a few wild ducks too.

Visiting the Plitvice National Park, was one of my best experiences in my life, this is a place that you must see at least once in a lifetime.

Near Zagreb the capital of Croatia

We spent the night near the Balaton lake in Hungary
The Balaton after a storm
Levis battery quit, at every single stop we had to push the bike
Just entered in Romania
Some bikers from Hungary
On the last night we slept in a pension in Felix

The way back home with the Croatian flag

This was our wonderful summer holiday on 2 wheels ...I hope you enjoyed....more to come :)

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