Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Clothes 2 pers.:
Moto jackets,
moto trousers,Helmets, moto gloves, moto boots, rain suits, shirts, T-shirts, underwear, pants, shorts,sweatshirts,sweatpants, caps,trainers, sandals/slippers, sunglasses, swimming suits, bandannas.
Camping:2 pers. tent, sleeping bags, hiking mattresses,flashlight,compass, gas-light, gascylinder,lighter/match, knife,fork, spoon, plate, pan, pot, mug,towel,toothpaste, toothbrush,shower gel, suntan lotion,deodorant, toilet paper,tissue, detergent,notebook, pen, backpack.

Documents:Identity cards, passports, health insurance, driving licence, moto insurance,
registration card, credit cards, document scans.

Routes, maps, accommodation info:Europe map, routes & accommodation list,city maps,objectives list and info.

Electrical & electronics:
Photo camera+charger+2 batteries, SD cards, USB cable,tripod, video camera+charger+battery+DVD discs, distributor, cell phones+charger+batteries, watch, communication system, USB stick.

Spare parts:
Tool kit, tire repair spray,front tube, rear tube, pump,chain lube, tow strap,zip ties, loctite, insulation stripe, tape, various fuses, o rings, electrical wires, clutch fluid, 1 pint of oil (...)

Medical kit:

Motorcycle-aid kit * Louis * Compact
This first aid kit (measures just 15 cm x 12 cm x 4 cm) was collected specifically for the additional equipment of motorcycles. The little helper on the go: When skiing, the hiking or household use. Striking, red nylon bag with three-way zipper. The content is also dust proof, waterproof and packed hygienically!

CONTENTS TO DIN 13 167 required (especially for motorcycles):

* 1 roll of adhesive plaster, DIN 13 019 - A 5 mx 1.25 cm
* 8x wound plaster, DIN 13 019 - E 10 cm x 6 cm
* 2x bandages, packaged sterile, DIN 13 151 - M
* 1 bandage, sterile, DIN 13 152 - A 600 mm by 800 mm
* 1 rescue blanket, gold / silver, 210 cm x 160 cm
* 1x scissors, DIN 58 279 - A 145
* 2x pairs of disposable gloves (large), DIN EN 455 - 1 and - 2
* 1 First Aid Brochure (6 languages), manual First Aid in accidents
* Table of Contents


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